Thousands of children and families in the community have benefited from the prevention and intervention services provided by COMEC. COMEC works to promote the safeguarding of our children from child predators, abductors, drug dealers, gangs and any person who might seek to harm or exploit them.

COMEC’s Program involves the following activities:

  1. AMBER Alert Assistance: Parents/Guardians, Police Departments and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Executive Director Len Edwards is the AMBER Alert Coordinator for West Tennessee.
  2. Child Safety Program (Includes Child ID Program – Photos & Fingerprints)
  3. Internet Safety Program
  4. Drug Education Counselor – 1 on staff (counseling for drugs/truancy/behavior/alcohol)
  5. Community Outreach Program: health fairs, information booths, child safety presentations, drug prevention presentations, speakers
  6. Teen Drug Hotline (901-572-DRUGS)
  7. COMEC Teen Drug Testing Program
    1. Free drug testing for parents wishing to test their teens
    2. Substance screen testing done through the Baptist Minor Medical Centers
  8. Free Drug Test Kits – Home testing program for parents
  9. Assist parents with search for missing children (“what to do”; creating posters; notifying others who can assist in the search, canvassing neighborhoods, checking with friends & schools, working with law enforcement)
  10. COMEC also collaborates with the Memphis & Shelby County Juvenile Court by making presentations several times each month to children, families and various groups that participate in the Juvenile Court Tours and the Juvenile Court G. O. A. L. program.
  11. COMEC also supports Governor Phil Bredesen’s METH-Free Tennessee campaign to end the creation, sale, and distribution of this deadly drug in Tennessee.