COMEC has been serving the Memphis/Shelby County community since 1984.

The goal of COMEC are to promote the safety and welfare of all the children in this community.  This goal is met by offering free programs that are education and prevention oriented.  Some of the programs include assistance with runaways, parent/children counseling, free children’s identification cards which include finger printing, rehabilitation program referrals(drugs & behavioral issues), child safety seminars, internet safety seminars, bullying seminars, free child drug testing, free drug test kits for parent who want to test their children at home, and assisting parents with custodial issues or child abduction by a family member.

With your support COMEC will be able to continue providing these valuable services to the community at no cost.

COMEC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization that assists families with children up to age 18.  Your donations may be tax-deductible.




                                               “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child”