Candy was a defiant, angry little girl of 14 that was brought our office because she was frequently running away from home.  Candy was about 4’11 and weighed about 85 pounds.  She literally thought, and behaved like, she was an adult. Her mom and dad divorced, and each had engaged in new relationships, and each had brought additional children into the homes from previous relationships.

Candy was wearing a spaghetti strapped mid-drift black shirt that said, “Budding Bitch” on it.  Candy was wearing heavy make-up, had long fingernails and obviously was trying to look twenty years old.  The child’s mother stated to me that she would not go to school, and that if she did she usually left at lunch time to “hook-up” with her older friends who had cars.  The mom asked me if I knew of a “boot camp” where she could send her to teach her a lesson… or even better a military school.

Parenting 101 She did not just start dressing like this today.  Who is the parent, who is the child?  Who buys her clothes?  Why does she want to appear to be so much older than what she is?  Could it be that she wants out and realizes that an adult relationship is the train out of town?